February 2021
KF Features > [Infographic] Do you enjoy diverse movies from around the world?
[Infographic] Do you enjoy diverse movies  from around the world?

Movies portray the numerous facets of different lives and societies in a way that is accessible to the general public. In today’s era of vigorous international exchange, movies are increasingly loved due to the opportunities they provide to learn more about other cultures and societies that are not easy for people to experience in everyday life. If you have mostly watched Korean films and the relatively few foreign movies shown on local screens, how about turning to some cinematic works from a greater variety of countries? The KF regularly introduces excellent movies that are hard to come by in Korea by holding such events as the KF Online World Cinema Week and special screenings of films from specific countries.

This infographic was produced based on the thematic statistics on audience turnout by country compiled by the Korea Box Office Information System (KOBIS). The “Others” category refers to movies shown at special screening events and film festivals.

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