February 2021
People > [KF Culture Walk] Movie Recommendation by Assistant Director Park Haewon ‘Shine’
[KF Culture Walk] Movie Recommendation by Assistant Director Park Haewon ‘Shine’

Shine (1996)
Director: Scott Hicks
Stars: Geoffrey Rush, Noah Taylor, Armin Mueller-Stahl, Sonia Todd

Shine is a biographical movie that touchingly portrays the eventful life of pianist David Helfgott, who has been dubbed a living legend. Known as a child prodigy from an early age, David constantly suffers under the excessive expectations of his father, whose controlling attitude reflects his own frustration as a failed musician. David earns fame but breaks down under the mental pressure. His career plummets and he spends many years in mental institutions. One day, people happen to hear him play the piano and recognize his incredible talent, as well as feel pity for him. Thanks to the love and concern of his fans and the devoted efforts of one woman, David is able to recover the skill he had at his prime and return to the concert hall.

Throughout the movie, the extraordinary passion the protagonist feels for music is overwhelming. His innocent attitude towards music as well as his exceptional talent and sensitivity captivate viewers and prompt them to sympathize with and admire him. The use of Chopin and Beethoven in the film’s score, along with David’s favorite piano concerto, Rachmaninoff Concerto No. 3, is especially heartwarming. After watching this movie, I highly recommend listening to Rachmaninoff’s piano concertos No. 1 and No. 2 and his Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini.

Written by Park Haewon, Assistant Director, KF Resource Management Department

Next month’s “KF Culture Walk” will be written by Yoon Jiyoung, Deputy Director, Economic Cooperation Team, Korea-Central Asia Cooperation Forum Secretariat

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