January 2021
KF Activities > ‘ASEAN Street Food: Hororok Chopchop Omulomul’ Exhibition
‘ASEAN Street Food: Hororok Chopchop Omulomul’ Exhibition

The KF-operated ASEAN Culture House (ACH) is pleased to present Hororok Chopchop Omulomul, a contemporary art exhibition about ASEAN countries’ street food. This exhibition presents creative interpretations and audiovisual translations of ASEAN street food by five teams of contemporary Korean artists and one contemporary artist from Thailand.

Visitors will be able to observe the unique character of ASEAN street food as well as how its trans-regional creativity and abundant contexts have inspired the artists featured in the exhibition. Through the various artworks, viewers will be able to reminisce about their personal memories of travel and street food in ASEAN countries and think about new connections and revived exchanges between countries once this period of contactless living finally comes to an end. Are you ready to come visit the ACH and taste ASEAN delicacies?

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