October 2020
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Event for October 2020 Newsletter - Crossword Puzzle / Prize Winners of Septeber's Puzzle

In appreciation of our readers’ support for the KF’s activities, the KF Newsletter regularly features a crossword puzzle. Readers can find clues for each word throughout the October issue of the newsletter. Prize winners from the September newsletter are listed below.

Special prizes will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis to 10 people who send in the correct answers via email to newsletter@kf.or.kr.
ㆍPlease don’t forget to include your name and cellphone number in your email.
ㆍWinners will be announced in the November Newsletter, along with the correct answers to this month’s puzzle.
ㆍPlease note that previous winners are not eligible for a second prize.

All answers should be written in Korean.

1. The KF will hold this forum on October 14. The bilateral forum was launched in 1994, facilitating discussion between dignitaries and opinion leaders from both the government and private sectors of Korea and China. What is the name of this forum?
4. The ASEAN Culture House (ACH), operated by the KF, presents _ _ _ _, an exhibition of photographs and videos selected from the 3rd ACH Photo & Video Contest, held this past spring.
5. The “Letter from a KF Visiting Professor” in the KF Newsletter’s October issue was written by Professor Choi So Young who teaches Korean history and _ _ _ at the Tashkent State University of Oriental Studies. What is the Korean name of the academic subject that deals with general knowledge about Korea?
6. (In connection with 5 Across) The Tashkent State University of Oriental Studies is an institution of higher learning in which Central Asian country?

2. (In connection with 1 Across) The KF will hold this forum on October 14 together with the Chinese institute called _ _ _ _ _ _ 학회 in Korean.
3. From October 30 to November 1, the 2020 Korea-Japan 100 Citizens’ _ _ _ _ will be held in the form of an online video conference.
5. For three days, from October 30 to November 1, the 2020 _ - _ _ _Craft Market will be open to the public at F1963 Square in Busan’s Suyeong District, featuring handicrafts of the 10 ASEAN countries and Korea and offering a rare chance to find traditional and contemporary crafts of the 11 nations in one place.
7. KF e-School: BTS Special Korean Language Lectures will use the textbook series Learn! KOREAN with BTS. These textbooks are produced by Big Hit Edu using original content from the boy band _ _ _ _ _. What is the name of this global boy band sensation that has recently topped the Billboard Artist 100 Chart?

Answers to the September 2020 Puzzle and Prize winners

Across: 1. 중앙아시아 3. 싱크탱크 5. 우즈베키스탄 7. 사마르칸트
Down: 2. 아세안 4. 블랙핑크 6. 모스크바의신사

나*원 010-****-*668
김*지 010-****-*722
정*명 010-****-*157
정*경 010-****-*826
이*희 010-****-*453
양*정 010-****-*376
김*훈 010-****-*633
박*민 010-****-*053
이*민 010-****-*357
김*석 010-****-*696

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