October 2020
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2020 ASEAN-Korea Craft Market

Crafts on show and sale at last year’s Bazaar Mekong exhibition

For three days, from October 30 to November 1, the 2020 ASEAN-Korea Craft Market will be open to the public at F1963 Square in Busan’s Suyeong District, featuring handicrafts of the 10 ASEAN countries and Korea and offering a rare chance to find traditional and contemporary crafts of the 11 nations in one place.

On display and on sale will be hundreds of household goods, fashion items, and kitchen utensils made with a variety of skills, such as weaving and dyeing, and an abundance of materials, including lacquerware, mother-of-pearl, ceramics, metal, and wood. There will also be a hands-on craft culture workshop where visitors can learn making crafts of their own and a craft studio for ASEAN artists who have settled in Korea.

With the aim of promoting ethical consumer behavior considering social values and the environment, social enterprises and fair trade companies from the ten ASEAN countries and Korea will be participating in the market as well.

Shoppers are invited to explore Southeast Asia through the 2020 ASEAN-Korea Craft Market, at a time when visiting the region in person will remain difficult for the foreseeable future due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please note that the market will not be held at the ASEAN Culture House but in an outdoor space in order to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. The KF will abide by the government’s social distancing guidelines to prevent infections, giving top priority to the safety of visitors.

F1963 Square, Busan 10/30-11/1
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