October 2020
KF Activities > ‘The Essence of Korean Aesthetics – Ancient and Modern Buncheong’ Exhibition
‘The Essence of Korean Aesthetics - Ancient and Modern Buncheong' Exhibition

Flattened Bottle, Buncheong ware with Incised Fish Design, late 15th century Joseon, 18 × 13.4 × 18.7 cm

On September 29, the KF and the Gana Foundation for Arts and Culture will jointly open an online exhibition exploring the beauty of buncheong ware under the title of Quintessence of Korean Aestheticism: Buncheong Ware Old and New.

The show was originally planned to be held in Germany and Russia from July through January, but it was converted into an online event due to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

The exhibition is expected to serve as an important showcase of the quintessential aestheticism of buncheong ceramics. It will dig into their history and future and explore how they correspond to the contemporary arts. On display will be some outstanding Joseon buncheong ware pieces from the Gana Foundation collection; contemporary ceramics, including buncheong master Yoon Kwang-cho’s Simgyeong (The Heart Sutra); and paintings by leading contemporary artists Ko Young-hoon and Oh Su-hwan.

The program will also feature a VR experience, sketches of the exhibition, videos that cover major works in detail, and an exhibition brochure. The full content of the exhibition will be provided in four languages (Korean, English, German, and Russian) across the websites and YouTube channels of the KF and the Museum of the Meissen Porcelain Foundation in Germany, and the State Museum of Oriental Art.

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