October 2020
KF Activities > 2020 Korea Festival at Home 'Shaping the Future Together'
2020 Korea Festival at Home 'Shaping the Future Together'

The KF will bring Korean arts and culture to global citizens despite the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic through the Korea Festival at Home. Prior to the spread of COVID-19, the Korea Festival introduced various aspects of Korean arts and culture overseas through live local performances.

This year, the Korea Festival at Home ‘Shaping the Future Together’ allows people around the world to enjoy Korean arts and culture from the safety of their own homes through five video performances. The videos cover various genres, including a contemporary version of gugak, Korean traditional music; b-boying; and classical music. Thanks to high-tech visual effects usually employed for films and K-pop music videos, each video boasts stunning production quality.

Having been shot in locations across Jeju Island, the videos capture a grand harmony of stunning performing arts and the scenic beauty of the island. In addition to the diverse performances, the videos also offer messages from the artists about their renditions and a behind-the-scenes look at the shooting process. The performance videos are also expected to be shown at public diplomacy events at Korean diplomatic missions abroad, as they capture uniquely Korean artistry, aestheticism, and scenery.

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