April 2020
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Event for April 2020 Newsletter - Crossword Puzzle

To share our sincere appreciation with everyone who has shown continuous interest in the KF’s activities, this issue of the KF newsletter features a crossword puzzle. Readers can find the answers to each clue throughout the April issue of the newsletter. Special gifts will be awarded on a first-come first-served basis to 10 people who send the right answers via email to newsletter@kf.or.kr.
Please don’t forget to include your name and cellphone number in your email.

All answers should be written in Korean.


1. Applications for this project are due March 24. What is the name of this project, open to all Koreans who want to support the overseas publicity of Korea?
(6 letters)

4. The first article of our new series entitled “The World in Korea” features the Hyehwa-dong market of a certain country. What is the capital of that country?
(3 letters)

5. The ASEAN Culture House is receiving applications for its 3rd Photo & Video Contest until April 24. In the second year of the contest, a photograph taken in this country won the grand prize. What is the name of this country?
(4 letters)


1. The official name of our foundation is “한국_ _ _ _ 재단”. Fill in the blank.

2. The Korean title of the exhibition opening at the ASEAN Culture House in Busan on March 27 is <아세안의 빛, 하나의 _ _ _ > . Fill in the blank.

3. The Korea-Central Asia Cooperation Forum Secretariat invites aspiring Youth Academy trainees to apply from April 1. The Korean name of the academy is “_ _ _ _ 청년 아카데미”. Fill in the blank.

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