September 2019
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KFVN PEOPLE: Hyemi Kim, Education and Publicity Team

I conduct the education of volunteers for the KFVN Education and Publicity Team and report on related activities via newsletters. This is my seventh year with the KFVN, which I first joined when I was a university student; I have been active ever since as a teammate and team leader. When I run our volunteer orientation, I feel proud to see so many people who are interested in our activities and willing to voluntarily participate in our education sessions.
   The KFVN has been able to carry out sustained development for over 15 years thanks to the strong relationships that are built among participants. There have been changes big and small over the years, but what has remained constant is the fact that the network is operated through the pure passion of our volunteers.
   Through our exchange activities, foreigners who love Korea get the opportunity to experience diverse aspects of Korean culture, along with the chance to introduce their own cultures to young students of their host country. The participants may not be always able to verbally communicate with one another, but they learn about the bigger world through their endeavors to understand each other and find common ground.
   The KFVN does not aim to provide unilateral help; it finds greater significance in mutual understanding and exchange. The cycle of good deeds maintained by cultural exchange is the bright jewel that forms the heart of all the KFVN’s activities. I hope everyone who has the pleasure of meeting through the KFVN will build wonderful relationships and strive always to understand and seek commonalities just as I have over the past seven years.

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