April 2019
KFVN News > Meeting the World in Korea as seen from the preparation site
Meeting the World in Korea as seen from the preparation site

On March 2, the first meeting of the World Activity Class was held to prepare for its March program. The class usually holds a meeting in the first week of each month to gather ideas and draw up plans, after which it rehearses its event activities in the second week and conducts the event in the third week.
   The March event’s foreign volunteers will be Alexandre Hyam (France), who joined the class through an introduction by a team member, and Sophal Hong (Cambodia), who applied to be a volunteer directly after seeing class-related publicity on its Facebook page. Hyam, who is a graduate student majoring in political science, said, “I volunteered at Korean hospitals as an interpreter and at marathons, but this time, it will be more fun as I will be spending time with children.” Hong, who works for an IT company, said, “There are many Koreans who have little knowledge of my country. This will be a good opportunity for me to help Koreans get to know Cambodia better.”
   Gwang-ho Kim, a one-day volunteer, said, “I started participating in class activities last year. Whether you are a volunteer, teammate, or foreigner, you share in a sense of partnership and responsibility here. Everyone pitches in for planning and preparation.” Fellow volunteer Ha-kyung Ahn said, “At first, I expected the volunteer work to be something simple, like interpreting. I was and still am amazed to see the huge effect of participants’ positive activities. This is a wonderful experience for me.”
   Through the World Activity Class program, volunteers of all nationalities with good intentions take time out of their day to devote to others. Their dedication will undoubtedly bring forth invaluable rewards (for both the volunteers and children) that matter much more than the number of hours spent.

KFVN Guest Reporter Jaesup Shin

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