February 2019
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Korea Foundation Volunteer Network (KFVN) Program for 2019

The Korea Foundation Volunteer Network (KFVN) will continue its activities in 2019. Foreign volunteers in the World Activity Class will introduce the history and culture of their countries to Korean students through the Meeting the World in Korea program, enabling the youngsters to enjoy an international experience in their local classroom. The program has taken root as one of the KF’s most popular volunteer activities, bringing many countries closer to students at various schools and institutions. In 2019, a total of six Meeting the World in Korea events will be held. Foreigners, volunteers, and institution officials who want to get involved in the program are requested to contact the class via kfvnevent@naver.com.
  The Education and Publicity Team carries out publicity for the KFVN, covering members’ activities, conducting interviews, and writing articles. The team will provide foreigners and volunteers who participated in previous KFVN activities with several special events this year. Anyone who likes to meet new people and is interested in news coverage and article writing is requested to contact the team via kfvngood@naver.com.

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