February 2019
KF Activities > [Review] ‘Out of Place’ Exhibition Commemorating the 60th Anniversary of Korea-Thailand Diplomatic Relations
[Review] ‘Out of Place’ Exhibition Commemorating the 60th Anniversary of Korea-Thailand Diplomatic Relations

In celebration of the 60th anniversary of Korea-Thailand diplomatic relations, the KF hosted a touring exhibition entitled Out of Place at the KF Gallery in Seoul in the fall of last year. The exhibition then journeyed to Busan at the ASEAN Culture House (ACH) where it showcased about a dozen additional works not featured at the Seoul event. The exhibition opened on December 13 of last year and will be open until February 24 of this year at the Special Exhibition Hall of the ACH.
  Eight individual and team artists of Korea and Thailand created photographs, sculptures, videos, and installations for the show via diverse media and methods, built around the three keywords of globalization, migration, and hybridism. The Korean artists include the Moojin Brothers, Park Kyung Ryul, and Hyemin Park, while Thailand is represented by Taiki Sakpisit, Patipat Chaiwitesh, Dow Wasiksiri, Israkran Yingyong, and Ruangsak Anuwatwimon.
  All the participants belong to the generation that has experienced the significant cultural changes of contemporary times brought about by rapid economic growth, urbanization, multiculturalism, and the transition to an information-oriented society. They observed the socio-cultural landscapes of each of their surroundings, and with their respective visual languages, reinterpreted the junctions of universal change across the Asian continent.
  The ACH provides docent programs for children utilizing “action papers” it has specially produced, with the hope that the contemporary art works of varied messages will fuel the imagination and creativity of young visitors to the exhibition. The ACH also conducted an artist talk and a media art workshop in the last week of January with the help of the Moojin Brothers. It is greatly hoped that the commenced exhibition will contribute to deeper mutual understanding and expansion of exchange between the peoples of the two countries.

ASEAN Culture House, Busan 2018/12/13–2019/2/24
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