January 2019
KF Activities > ‘2018 Global Hallyu Report’ Published
‘2018 Global Hallyu Report’ Published

The KF has published the 2018 Global Hallyu Report, showing the current status of the Korean Wave worldwide. The report is expected to be of help to researchers of Hallyu as well as arts and culture organizations around the world. It contains information and statistics related to Hallyu, compiled by Korean diplomatic missions overseas, along with cultural characteristics of each country. The annual report has been co-produced by the KF and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 2012.
  The latest volume offers information about the status of Hallyu in 113 countries, with Guinea being the latest addition. The report has been distributed to government offices, mass media organizations, and arts and culture organizations. Anyone interested in Hallyu can view the report online on the KF’s website: ebook.kf.or.kr.

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