October 2018
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Hoping to Build on 10 Years of Warm Memories

Ten years have passed since I first heard about the Korea Foundation Volunteer Network (KFVN) from the team leader of the Korean Culture Class (KCC) and began volunteering after taking the orientation course in May 2008. Everything seemed unfamiliar and awkward, but as time has gone by, I am now surprised to find myself guiding the beginners. Then and now, there is one thing that has never changed: I do my best to give a good impression of my team, the entire KFVN, and Korea as a whole through the work of the KCC. There are times when I am tired and stressed out in the course of preparing for events, but the pride I feel as a KFVN volunteer keeps me going.
  Both as a beginner 10 years ago and as an experienced team member today, I often feel that I get back more than I give through volunteering. I am driven to keep on working with the KFVN thanks especially to the team leader who introduced the KFVN to me and of course my beloved teammates. Whenever I work on an event, I pray that it will run smoothly and trouble-free, and I hope to make more precious memories with my teammates in the future. I would like to say thank you to the KF for its support that has allowed us to make these joyful memories.

By Somin Jung

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