September 2018
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[Review] KF Global Bridge I: Pacific Alliance Festival Hola!

The KF has successfully completed the “Global Bridge I: Pacific Alliance Festival Hola!” that ran from June 5–August 17 in the form of outdoor performances, film screenings, and exhibitions aimed to bring less known or strategically important foreign countries closer to Korea.
  The first KF Global Bridge program highlighted Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru, the founding members of the Pacific Alliance. For two days, a variety of events were held, including the original compositions of a Chilean pianist; the astonishing voice of a Mexican singer; an interactive dance class instructed by a Colombian salsa expert; and a musical performance featuring traditional Peruvian instruments. After sunset, films from Colombia, Mexico and Peru were screened introducing unique cultural aspects of Latin America. With the event offering comprehensive introductions to the diverse ways of life and cultures of the four countries, Korean visitors were able to learn more about these nations that are rarely in the spotlight in Korea and voiced the wish to enjoy more such programs in the future.
  The second program will be focused on Thailand in celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Korea-Thailand diplomatic relationship. The two-month program will begin in September with exhibitions, performances, and film screenings. The KF hopes to receive continued support from the general public for its Global Bridge programs.

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