August 2018
KFVN News > A Filthy Day of Fun on the Mudflats
A Filthy Day of Fun on the Mudflats

Korea’s west coast is home to wide mudflats, treasure troves of all kinds of sea creatures. These critter-filled mud flats boast great ecological value, but they also provide a perfect playground for those not afraid to get a little dirty in the process. The KFVN Korean Culture Class spent a fine June day enjoying nature’s muddy gift on a mud farm on Incheon’s Ganghwa Island. For foreign classmates who were familiar only with coasts of sand and pebbles, the muddy beach was a delightful surprise. As the mudflats of Ganghwa are remarkably smooth without stones or jagged debris, they are the perfect place for happy, carefree play. Waqas Maseeh, from Pakistan, said, “I have been to the sea in Korea several times, but this is my first time to come to a mudflat. I had a wonderful time here with the other participants, and it was a great way to de-stress from my graduate studies.”

KFVN Reporter Jaesup Shin

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