June 2018
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Korean Culture Class’s Spring Arboretum Picnic

Spring is the season when everything comes to life, when the spirit is awakened by the sight of trees budding and flowers blooming. In the closing days of April, in celebration of Mother Nature’s splendor, the Korean Culture Class gathered for a seasonal picnic under the theme of “Spring of Korea: Flowers and Rail Bike.”
  32 foreign participants and Korean volunteers picnicked at the flowery Garden of Morning Calm where more than 200 plant varieties were on show. The botanical bonanza sat in perfect harmony with the traditional Korean pavilions and hanok houses sprinkled throughout the grounds. After lunch, the class moved to Gangchon where they enjoyed the spring breeze on rail bikes while relishing the scenic beauty of the hills and river.
  Rahul Kumar from India said it was lovely to return to Korea after three years abroad and reunite with the KFVN team. Kim Da-som, a volunteer, said she enjoyed sharing the day with the international team and that she hoped to take part in other activities of the class in the future.

KFVN guest reporter Shin Jae-sup

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