April 2018
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World Activity Class Meets Vietnam and India in Korea

With the cold hand of winter still stubbornly gripping much of Korea, members of the World Activity Class ventured out through the February frost to the Guro Children’s Center as part of its Meeting the World in Korea program. The team divided the children into an India group and a Vietnam group, handing out passports to each participant before beginning the program.
  Vietnamese traditional culture was introduced by Nguyen Hoang Linh Chi from Vietnam, who also taught the youngsters how to make auspicious Buddhist lanterns using peach flowers. The India group learned from scientist Deepika Goyal about Indian Nobel Prize winners, as well as the science and technology of ancient India. They also became familiar with the traditional dances, music, and festivals of the country, making exquisite kites like those that are flown at the Basant Kite Festival. The day’s program ended with all the children tasting Vietnamese food and playing the popular Indian board game pachisi.
  The foreign volunteers provided a warm atmosphere by bringing traditional costumes and unique artworks from their countries, drawing an enthusiastic response from the children in attendance. The day not only marked the year’s first Meeting the World in Korea, but also represented a special opportunity for the foreign volunteers and the children to share their respective cultures together.

KFVN Reporter Kim Nan–ok

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