April 2018
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Meet the Visegrad Four at KF Gallery

The KF will hold the Visegrad Karma exhibition at the KF Gallery on April 5–25, introducing more than 60 posters made by artists from the Visegrad Group, an alliance composed of the four central European nations—Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The exhibition will shed light on the four countries through the works of regional artists noted for their diverse ways of thinking and expressive techniques.
  The posters on display deliver profound messages through irony and satirical humor, aiming to help viewers delve into the historical and cultural relations of the four countries and gain insight into their present ties.
   “A Dialogue with the Curator” will be held during the exhibition, and interested viewers are encouraged to take part in the session. Detailed information is available on the KF website (www.kf.or.kr) and on the KF Gallery Facebook page (www.facebook.com/kfglobalcenter).

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