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  • 2018 Spring Issue of Koreana: Photography in Korea

2018 Spring Issue of Koreana: Photography in Korea

The 2018 spring issue of Koreana, the KF’s celebrated culture and arts magazine, has been published. Through its special features on photography, the quarterly charts the shared journey of Korean modern history and the photographic medium, outlining the way in which the camera has permeated the daily lives of Koreans since it was introduced into the country in the late 19th century. The issue further showcases works by noted Korean photographers.
  Readers can also enjoy a range of articles delving deeper into Korean history, including documents on the Joseon Tongsinsa, the Korean diplomatic missions to Japan, listed on the UNESCO Memory of the World Register; the Goryeo-in Village in Gwangju; and Uijudaero, the road taken by Korean envoys on their way to and from China. The new issue’s digital edition is available now at www.koreana.or.kr.

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