Event Review

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    Farewell to the Seventh KFGF Group

    On December 23, the activities of the seventh Korea Foundation Global Futurist (KFGF) group officially concluded. Launched in August, the group of selected college students worked...

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    2017 Workshop for European Educators of Korean Language

    Hosted by the Korea Foundation and organized by the International Association for Korean Language Education (IAKLE), the Workshop for European Educators of the Korean Language...

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    The 22nd Korea-China Future Forum

    The 22nd Korea-China Future Forum was convened in Jeju Island on December 13, co-sponsored by the KF and the Chinese People’s Institute of Foreign Affairs. Timed with President Moon Jae-in’s...

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    The KF-Atlantic Council Forum

    The KF and the United States think tank the Atlantic Council held a two-day forum on “Reimaging the U.S.-ROK Partnership in the Trans-Pacific Century” in Washington, D.C., on December...

  • Feature


    New Year Traditions from Korea and Around the World

    The year 2018 has begun with high hopes. In Korea, the New Year is welcomed by the ringing of a bell, the jeya-eui jong, at midnight. Jeya is the Korean word for the last night of December, and jeya-eui jong thus means “the bell that rings on New Year’s Eve.”On New...

  • KFVN News


    Experiencing Korean Culture with Global Citizens

    KFVN Reporter Jang Hee-young

    On November 18, Korean and foreign volunteers jointly experienced Korea’s kimjang culture at Mirinae Village in Anseong-si, Gyeonggi-do. Kimjang is a time-honored Korean custom of preparing...