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  • Fall Fun with Nami Island Picnic and Apple Picking

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Fall Fun with Nami Island Picnic and Apple Picking

Early in the morning on Saturday, October 28, the Korean Culture Class gathered at Jamsil Sports Complex and set off for Nami Island, lured by the intoxicating scent of autumn splendor.
  Nami Island is a popular destination to experience the changing seasons, with October revealing foliage painted in all its autumn glory. After arriving at Namiseom, the class was divided into groups, before they headed out to enjoy the Korean fall in full. The camera of Cambodian participant Tir was working in overdrive, capturing the creeping autumn colors to share with friends back home.
  The class soaked in the autumn fragrance before picking apples at an environmentally friendly orchard. Comparing each other’s bounties and enjoying an obligatory bite, they wrapped up the day’s program with spirits high.

KFVN Reporter Kim Byung-sub