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[Review] KF Special Lectures on Korea 2017 Held in India

The KF conducted special lectures on Korea at three universities in Delhi, India, on November 15–16. A series of lectures to boost accurate understanding of Korea among scholars and students in India was held at Jamia Milia Islamia, Jawaharlal Nehru University, and the University of Delhi. The lectures focused on two topics: “The Inauguration of the Moon Jae-in Government, Korean Democracy, and Foreign Policy Challenges” and “Korea’s Growth Strategies: Implications for India’s Economic Development.” Over 400 researchers and students majoring in related subjects attended the special lectures, reflecting the country’s growing interest in Korea.
  The KF has held the annual KF Special Lectures on Korea to promote friendly relations and mutual understanding between Korea and hosting countries. Last year, the event was held at nine institutions in three countries—Kazakhstan, Myanmar, and Malaysia. The lectures will continue in 2018 to present the dynamic aspects of Korea to the international community.