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‘Irony & Idealism’ Exhibition

Together with the Korea Foundation and Kunsthalle Münster, the Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art is co-organizing Irony & Idealism, a cultural exchange exhibition featuring contemporary art from South Korea and Germany. Demonstrating current trends in contemporary art, artists from South Korea and Germany are presented who have been actively working beyond their national borders.
  The different forms of art reflect ironies, conflicts, and contradictions that we face in daily life. Based on the premise that contemporary art helps us to refresh our preexisting ideas, the exhibition explores the varied perspectives and approaches to our daily life through the artists’ works. In this exhibition, we will experience important questions being asked by contemporary art.
  Irony & Idealism began at the Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art last September. After a stopover at the KF Gallery, the exhibition will continue at Kunsthalle Münster in Germany from May to September next year.
  More information about the show can be found at the KF website (www.kf.or.kr) or KF Facebook page (www.facebook.com/koreafoundationgallery).

Event Schedule

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  • date   2017/12/15–2018/1/13
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