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  • Featured Event: Meeting the World in Korea

Featured Event: Meeting the World in Korea

On a September day marked by a cool fall breeze, students of the World Activity Class prepared a program for the event "Meeting the World in Korea." Around 30 people took part in the program, including students and volunteers from Romania, Armenia, Ethiopia, Kazakhstan, and Turkey.
  Participants were given the opportunity to learn about the volunteers' home countries, with the Romanian team drawing a map of their country and making dolls of Romanian fairytale characters out of paper cups. Members of the Armenian team practiced their native language, as did those of the Ethiopian team. The Kazakh team painted traditional patterns from their country, and the Turkish team learned about the history of Turkish-Korean relations, specifically how both countries grew closer after the former fought for the latter during the Korean War. At the end of the program, participants reflected on the knowledge they had acquired while sharing more of their personal experiences with the group.

KFVN Reporter Heo Ji-eun