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First Korea-Japan 100 Citizens’ Future Talk

The first Korea-Japan 100 Citizens’ Future Talk will be held in Jeju Island on November 9–11, co-hosted by the KF, Seoul National University Institute for Japanese Studies, and the Center for Korean Studies of Tokyo University.
  Under the theme of “Common Crisis and Opportunity: Korea-Japan Cooperation and Response,” the forum will feature presentations and discussions on human resources and cultural exchange, science and technology cooperation, population-related issues and social welfare cooperation, and grassroots-level cooperation.
  It will be attended by experts, academics, non-governmental organizations and citizens of the two neighboring countries. By jointly seeking ways to respond to the changes and challenges in Northeast Asia, the participants hope to build the basis for future-oriented and mutually beneficial Korea-Japan relations.

Event Schedule

  • home   Seogwipo, Jeju Island
  • date   11/9–11
  • call   Global Networking Department