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Curator Workshop on Korean Contemporary Art

The KF will invite 30 curators in charge of Korean art collections at prestigious overseas museums to a workshop on modern and contemporary Korean art to be held in Seoul and provincial Korean cities on October 22–29.
  The workshop will be the 19th meeting of its kind, which together have brought over 200 curators from 34 countries to Korea, serving as an effective means of enhancing understanding of Korea by offering a range of art-related classes and site surveys.
  The 2017 event will present classes on Korean monochrome dansaekhwa; Korean Minjung art, the populist art of the 1980s characterized by its powerful political messages; and Korean new media arts. It will also offer artist dialogues and museum visits to help the participants better understand the past, present, and future vision of Korean contemporary art.

Event Schedule

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  • date   10/22–29
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