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  • Meeting the World in Korea: From Uzbekistan to Germany

Meeting the World in Korea: From Uzbekistan to Germany

July brought with it a truly sizzling summer, but not even the sweltering heat could stop the World Activity Class in their efforts to introduce foreign cultures to Korean children. The class journeyed to the Happy House Center in Ansan, Gyeonggi-do, and presented a brief introduction of Uzbekistan and Germany to the young boys and girls in attendance.
  Roviya Sidikova from Uzbekistan explained the significance behind the colors of the Uzbek national flag, taught simple greetings in Uzbek language, and narrated a folk tale to the children. They later made pop-up books themed around the tale, but with a twist, as they added their own creative endings to the story. The children also had the chance to savor Uzbek cuisine, sinking their teeth into samsa, a type of traditional stuffed pastry from the Central Asian country.
  In the meantime, Luisa Annika Schimainski from Germany invited the youngsters to learn how to exchange greetings in German, while introducing the famous Koln (Cologne) Cathedral and foods such as traditional German sausages and schneebälle, a popular pastry. Luisa had a great time with the children making their very own stained glass windows modeled on those of the Koln Cathedral, and she remarked she was delighted to have had the opportunity to share her country with the children.

KFVN Reporter Lee Hyangho