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  • Beating the Heat on the Donggang River

Beating the Heat on the Donggang River

This July, the KFVN Education and Publicity Team and members of the Korean Culture Class paid a visit to Yeongwol-gun, nestled in the mountains of Gangwon-do. While there is no shortage of things that spring to mind whenever Yeongwol-gun is mentioned, it is perhaps its scenic beauty and rafting that are most famous of all.
  The Education and Publicity Team set out by bus early in the morning for a rafting experience, arriving in Yeongwol-gun around noon. For lunch, the teammates enjoyed a selection of fresh, wholesome dishes, including rice mixed with greens, known as gondeure namul bap, and ssam bap, rice wrapped in leaves. After the meal, the team embarked on their rafting journey down the river. An extended drought had previously starved the river of much of its flow, but a recent downpour had swollen its waters into ideal rafting conditions. Fasihullah Husman from Pakistan, who visited the river last year, brought his nephew, Fasihullah Khan, along for the trip. Husman said he had his shoes swept away by the raging currents on his first visit, so this year, he came prepared with shoes taped tightly around his feet.
  All the participants enjoyed the picturesque scenery along the river as they braved the rough rapids. In between waves, the group was able to catch a glimpse of distinctive natural landmarks flanking their raft, such as rock formations resembling a frog and an elephant, and a cliff resembling a palm. If you are struggling to beat the hot, humid weather this summer, why not head out to Gangwon-do for a cool river experience with magnificent views?

KFVN Reporter Kim Byungseop