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  • [Review] Sixteenth Korea-Germany, Third Korea-Singapore Forums

[Review] Sixteenth Korea-Germany, Third Korea-Singapore Forums

The KF successfully held both the 16th Korea-Germany Forum and the third Korea-Singapore Forum in July. The former was held in Fulda, Germany, on July 4–7, while the latter was held in Singapore on July 19.
  The Korea-Germany Forum was attended by 59 prominent figures from both sides, where participants discussed diverse political, economic, and social issues, with a focus on the promotion of small- and medium-sized businesses and the political situation on and around the Korean Peninsula. The participants agreed on the importance of Germany’s role in achieving the reunification of Korea and peace in Northeast Asia, as well as the need to expand bilateral exchange. Policy recommendations for the governments of the two countries were also formulated at the forum. Meanwhile, the sixth Korea-Germany Junior Forum was organized concurrently with its senior counterpart. A total of 30 Korean and German university students and young leaders engaged in an active discussion on nuclear power policy, gender discrimination and economic democratization. The forum, held just before the G20 Summit in Germany, created a powerful synergistic effect on bilateral cooperation.
  The Korea-Singapore Forum was attended by 31 leading figures from both countries, including Lee Sihyung, President of the KF; Park Sa-Myung, Chairman of the Korean Institute of Southeast Asian Studies; Lee Seok Hyun, Chairman of the Korea-Singapore Parliamentarian Association; Lee Jeong-kyu, Deputy Minister for Political Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; and Lee Sang-deok, Korean Ambassador to Singapore. Under the theme of “A New-Age Partnership for a World in Transition,” the participants engaged in discussions under the themes “Regional Order in a Changing World,” “Regional Cooperation Amid Climate Change and De-globalization,” and “The Digital Economy: the Future of Bilateral Cooperation.”
  The Korea-Singapore Forum is a 1.5-track dialogue channel attended by opinion leaders representing the two countries' political, academic, economic and news media sectors, where participants discuss matters of mutual concern and promote bilateral cooperation. The inaugural forum was held in Singapore in 2013 followed by the second forum in Seoul in 2015.