Event Review

  • Opening Ceremony:
    Korea-Central Asia Cooperation Forum Secretariat

    The Korea-Central Asia Cooperation Forum opened its secretariat in a ceremony at the KF Gallery in Suha-dong, Seoul on July 10, 2017. The decision to set up the secretariat was announced at...

  • Sixteenth Korea-Germany, Third Korea-Singapore Forums

    The KF successfully held both the 16th Korea-Germany Forum and the third Korea-Singapore Forum in July. The former was held in Fulda, Germany, on July 4–7, while the latter was held in Singapore...

  • Interview

    Interview with Jisoo M. Kim, Director, George Washington University Institute for Korean Studies

    For this month's issue, the KF paid a visit to George Washington University Institute for Korean Studies (GWIKS), the only institution in Washington, D.C., devoted to Korean Studies, and interviewed...

  • Feature

    Breathing Earthenware Rich in
    Korean Tradition and Flavor

    Onggi, Korean earthenware, has been widely used since ancient times. It is not clear exactly when it was introduced, but it is safe to surmise that it was used before the year 357, in the time...

  • KF Mailbox

    KF European Parliament Traineeship

    Hahm Hee Eun

    Upon accepting the KF European Parliament Traineeship, I was tasked with assisting the Visitors Services Coordination Unit of the European Parliament’s (EP) Directorate-General for Communication...

  • KFVN News

    Beating the Heat on the Donggang River

    Kim Byungseop

    This July, the KFVN Education and Publicity Team and members of the Korean Culture Class paid a visit to Yeongwol-gun, nestled in the mountains of Gangwon-do. While there is no shortage of...