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Salzburg Global Seminar (SGS) is an international organization that hosts programs on global topics and offers four kinds of internship programs: a program internship, a communications internship, a development internship, and a library internship. I am a Program Intern who is assisting in the preparation and execution of sessions through both research and administrative support at the SGS main office in Salzburg, Austria.
  For session planning preparation, I assist the program staff by compiling biographies for potential participants, creating directories for sessions, preparing session materials such as welcome packets and name tags, and conducting background research. During sessions, I usually work with both the Program Director and Program Associate and help coordinate operations with some administrative support. Sometimes I need to work overtime during a session because a Program Intern needs to participate in every event and sit with the session participants during lunch and dinner. After each session, I transcribe and archive the hand-written notes on discussions and outcomes from the session. Participants are able to keep in touch with the Salzburg Global network and continue their discussions through online platforms after an intern uploads a digital copy of the session outcomes.
  During my internship, I have worked on and supported three sessions: "The Child in the City: Health, Parks and Play," covering the emerging issue of eco-friendly urban environments in increasingly dense urban areas; a session with the Sciana network on European health systems; and the "Salzburg Global Forum for Young Cultural Innovators." The Sciana session was particularly special to me as the occasion launched the first discussion on European health systems, supported by three renowned health organizations: the Health Foundation (UK), Careum Stiftung (Switzerland), and Robert Bosch Stiftung (Germany). Participants included surgeons, physicians, CEOs and directors of health organizations and health-related venture companies, chairpersons of national health insurance systems, and other such experts in the medical field. As I met and talked with the many incredible participants, I was able to deepen my knowledge and learn more about the diplomacy and leadership required to tackle key global issues.
  When there are no sessions going on, I assist with SGS's operational projects. For instance, I helped analyze a financial optimization project by interviewing SGS staff members and listening to major financial problems. With support from the Director of Operations at SGS, I made suggestions regarding where SGS's financial environment had room for improvement, which were then discussed at a company meeting. As I had previously worked as a financial analyst in Korea, SGS has tried to provide me with many opportunities relevant to finance. The staff members have helped me explore various events and projects relevant to my previous career, so I can make the most of my internship at SGS.

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