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[Review] Activity Report from KFGF 6th Group’s Top Team

Greetings from the KFGF sixth group’s Shimcheongi Team. We are honored to have been named the “Best Team” of the group. Under the catchphrase “KF for Bored Youths!” we tried to attract disengaged young men and women to the KF. The sixth group had two missions—the first to create freewheeling publicity for the KF, and the second to forward proposals for new digital projects.
  For the first mission, we set up a booth at the Africa Festival in Seoul and introduced festivalgoers to the Korean Language Fellowship, cultural events, support for drama telecasting, and other exchange activities from the KF held in African countries. To engage with the crowd, we played an O-X quiz and passed out hand mirrors and postcards of Africa. We took great pride in the success of our O-X quiz in informing participants of diverse nationalities about KF programs and exchange projects.
  Our proposal for KF digital projects involved latching onto the “snack culture” trend, presenting cultural content in small bites, as modern citizens are increasingly turning to short and snappy content via their mobile phones. We produced a first-person narrative video themed “A One-Minute Global Culture Stroll in the KF Gallery” in which a college student on vacation visits the KF Gallery on a drowsy afternoon. The video aimed to spark the curiosity and interest of a wide range of potential viewers, from tech-savvy college students to office workers enjoying a quiet moment during their lunch break, and even retirees looking to expand their cultural horizons. We especially targeted promoting online participation in on-the-spot activities. “A One-Minute Global Culture Stroll in the KF Gallery” was regularly broadcast through the KF’s official Facebook page, proving to be an efficient way to give the public easy, friendly access to the KF.
  The Shimcheongi Team earned positive feedback for its “snack video” and for making the most of the unique Africa Festival. The work was produced on a comparatively small budget, yet it holds tremendous potential to be utilized on a much wider scale, helping it earn us the title of “best team.” The honor, however, would not have been possible were it not for our teammates’ strong sense of responsibility and consideration for one another. Our participation in the program over the past six months gave us a true sense of purpose, and enabled us to think more deeply about the issue of public diplomacy. Last but not least, we would like to express our deep gratitude to the KF for the tremendous support they provided to us throughout this journey.