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  • [Review] KFGF Launches Seventh Group, Wraps Up Sixth


[Review] KFGF Launches Seventh Group, Wraps Up Sixth

The sixth group of the Korea Foundation Global Futurist (KFGF) has completed its mission of publicizing KF activities from March to July of this year. The group was split into eight teams, each brimming with passion and innovation as they promoted public awareness of the KF.
  The teams produced a variety of outcomes, from in-depth interviews with the KF staff to social media promotional campaigns that introduced the KF Global Center’s programs and events in an easy, accessible manner. They also took part in diverse festivals and promotional events on the streets and surprised the KF staff with their resourcefulness in creating and implementing public diplomacy ideas using digital media.
  The outstanding works of the KFGF sixth group will be featured from time to time on the KF’s Facebook page (www.facebook.com/koreafoundation).
  The KF greatly appreciates the sixth group’s tireless endeavors on behalf of the Foundation over the past five months and looks forward to seeing the bonds of friendship between each of the group members grow even stronger in the future.
  As the sixth group wraps up their mission, we eagerly await the launch of the seventh group in an official ceremony on August 14. The KF expects these newcomers to continue the outstanding work of their predecessors, striving to bring the KF closer to the public in the latter half of this year.