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27th IAKLE International Conference

The International Association for Korean Language Education (IAKLE), in partnership with the KF, will hold the 27th IAKLE International Conference on August 5 and 6. Under the theme of “Practice of Mutual Cultural Viewpoints in Korean Language Classrooms,” the conference will deal with a wide range of subjects, including cultural education for different language groups and students’ native language and culture.
  Among the presenters and invited speakers will be 22 Korean language scholars from the United States, Germany, France, Japan, China, and eight other countries. Conference participants will be divided into 10 groups for discussions and presentations. We hope that the conference will serve to enhance interest in the field of Korean language education, as presentations of various viewpoints and platforms offer an international perspective on the subject.

Event Schedule

  • home   Kyung Hee University
  • date   8/5–6
  • call   Korean Studies Department