• Event Review

    KFGF Launches Seventh Group, Wraps Up Sixth

    The sixth group of the Korea Foundation Global Futurist (KFGF) has completed its mission of publicizing KF activities from March to July of this year. The group was split into eight teams, each brimming...

  • Feature

    Cheonggyecheon Brings Out New Seoul

    As the hot and humid weather persists, people flock to Cheonggyecheon Stream to escape from the heat or to take a brief rest during their busy daily routine. Some soak their feet in...

  • KF Mailbox

    KF Salzburg Global Seminar Internship

    Kim Seulgi

    Salzburg Global Seminar (SGS) is an international organization that hosts programs on global topics and offers four kinds of internship programs: a program internship, a communications...

  • KFVN News

    Special Training Session and Open Workshop: Starting As a Global Citizen

    KFVN Reporter Heo Ji-yeun

    On a drizzly July day foretelling the coming rainy season, the Education and Publicity Team conducted the 83rd Training Session consisting of a special class and an open workshop...