• Interview

    Interview with Professor Lee Geun, Seoul National University Graduate School of International Studies

    For this issue, we interviewed Professor Lee Geun on the present state of Korea’s public diplomacy and how Korea hopes to promote it. Please brief us on what you teach and research. I teach...

  • Feature

    Gukgung: More than Just Bow and Arrows

    At the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Korean athletes stood undefeatable in one particular sport, bringing in gold medals for all four categories. It was none other than archery. This accomplishment was...

  • KF Mailbox

    KF Salzburg Global Seminar Internship

    Jeon Hye-bin

    The primary duties of a program intern of the Salzburg Global Seminar (SGS) are to prepare for sessions, provide administrative support to the program office and serve as host and...

  • KFVN News

    Meeting the World in Korea: Azerbaijan and Ghana

    KFVN Reporter Hyemi Kim

    On a sunny day in February, the World Activity Class, together with the children of Guro District Children’s Center, learned about and experienced the cultures of Azerbaijan and Ghana. The class...