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Korea Foundation Volunteer Network Volunteer Contest

The Korea Foundation Volunteer Network (KFVN) held its first event of the year, a joint meeting of its three volunteer teams. During Session One, the team leaders reported on their activities in 2016 and plans for 2017. The Education and Publicity Team, which changed the program schedule to odd months to encourage participation by college students, said it would organize two outside volunteering events this year, one in the first half and the other in the second. The World Activity Class, which recently welcomed a new leader, pledged to help Korean children grow up to be genuine global citizens through the “Meeting the World in Korea” program. The Korean Culture Class recognized the dedication of its Korean and foreign team members and the enthusiasm of the Korean and foreign volunteers and promised to enhance its program offerings.
  In Session Two, outstanding volunteers were honored with awards, prizes, and bouquets of flowers. Abeer Hamdy, the recipient from the Korean Culture Class, who became a member of the team last year after working as volunteer for a long time, said he would do his best to continue making meaningful contributions. The meeting was adjourned with the three team leaders renewing their commitment to mutual cooperation, and all present had a wonderful time exchanging New Year wishes and sharing rice cakes, yearly planners, aroma candles, and other gifts. As they strive to further improve their services in the coming days, the three teams look forward to welcoming a greater number of participants.

KFVN Reporter Mun Ji-young