Event Review

  • KF Gallery Open Stage 1:
    Break of Reality Concert Review

    The KF Gallery Open Stage’s first event of 2017, the Break of Reality concert, was held on January 17. Despite the cold weather, almost 200 people filled the gallery, ringing in the New Year with...

  • Photography Exhibition:
    Bright, Passionate, Beautiful! Art for a Better Place

    The KF organized a photo exhibition showcasing the works of five photographers who captured the transformation of Tam Thanh, a small Vietnamese fishing village, into a village of beautiful...

  • Interview

    Interview with Intaek Han, Director of Research,
    Jeju Peace Institute

    For this month’s column, the KF met with Intaek Han, Director of Research at the Jeju Peace Institute. Dr. Han shared his thoughts about the current state of public diplomacy in Korea and...

  • Feature

    Hansik and Fermented Food Culture

    Since its inception, Korea’s hansik globalization campaign has faced the difficult task of defining Korean cuisine to foreigners new to it. On its website, the Korean Food Foundation (KFF) broadly defines...

  • KF Mailbox

    KF Museum Internship

    Hyeonkyeong Kim

    During my internship at the British Museum, I was able to experience various kinds of work. First, I participated in the preparations and gallery rotations for new exhibits at the KF Gallery. The first...

  • KFVN News

    A New Beginning and a Look Back at the Past Year

    Kim Hye-mi

    It has already been one year since the Planning and Event Team was relaunched as the World Activity Class and began undertaking activities with new resolve. Over the past year, many foreign...