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  • Ten-year anniversary event looks back at the progress of KCC and prepares for new beginnings

Ten-year anniversary event looks back at the progress of KCC and prepares for new beginnings

This year marks the tenth year since the launch of the Korean Culture Class (KCC) team. Since 2006, the team has organized monthly events for foreigners wishing to explore Korean traditions and local culture as well as a steady offering of experience programs. The team was recognized by the Korean Culture and Information Service, under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, for excellence in introducing Korean culture to foreigners in Korea.
  The special event held in commemoration of the team’s tenth anniversary was a time to reflect on its progress over the years and discuss its vision for the future. The original founding members of KCC also attended and participated in discussions with current members on future plans and directions for the team’s programs. A hangeul calligraphy workshop was held by calligraphist Lucia Choi and participated in by foreign volunteers, who learned about the beauty of hangeul calligraphy and how to write Korean consonants and vowels with a brush. It was an opportunity to experience traditional Korean culture firsthand. The specially prepared dinner, which featured dishes inspired by different cultures, including Islamic and Hindu cultures, was also memorable, and demonstrated the close ties and mutual understanding that has been built up over the years through the KCC team.
  “I’m thankful for the variety of enjoyable programs the KCC team has made available so that foreigners like me can better understand Korean culture,” said Nishit Kumar, who has participated in KCC activities since 2015 and whose favorite programs so far have been the Ganghwado Island Mud Festival and DMZ tour. Kumar continued, “I hope to become an official member of the KCC team and participate in the actual planning of programs.”

KFVN Reporter Kim Kang-hee