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[Review] Reviews by Winners of the Fifth KFGF Group

Choi Jinwoo: The opportunity to participate in KFGF made this year especially meaningful. I learned so much. To have won a prize on top of that is an honor. Participating in different KF events, I had the chance to reflect anew on Korea’s place in the world. As a member of the fifth KFGF group, I will always remember the KF and make more active efforts in the field of public diplomacy.

Choi Hyojin: I only learned about KFGF by chance, but deciding to join was one of the best decisions I made in 2016. Our team was made up of people of different majors and ages, living in different places, but we worked together in harmony, each person complementing the next, for a common goal. Through the KFGF’s activities, I learned what true cooperation looks like. It was a short but extremely valuable time.

Lee Jee-eun: We began KFGF feeling a lot of anticipation. We go away now, at the end of the program, thankful for the rich experiences, valuable friendships, and unforgettable memories. I won’t forget the things I felt during my time with KFGF, and I’m going to play my part to not only spread the word about the KF but also promote Korea.

Kim Yerim: I began KFGF with a vague interest in cultural diplomacy. Today, I consider my participation in KFGF one of the most unforgettable experiences of my college career. The activities of the fifth KFGF may be over, but I will continue to be a supporter of the KF, staying up to date with its activities and cultivating an interest in public diplomacy, and also sharing my interest with others.

Lee Yena: When I first saw the notice about KFGF at the seminar in Salzburg, I knew it was something I had to do. I was studying abroad in Germany when I heard about the launch ceremony, and I had a memorable first meeting with the members of KFGF Team 8 soon after. Every member was a genuine champion, being considerate of the others and faithful in performing the assigned duties. I truly had a wonderful time these past five months, and I’m so thankful to the KF for the dear friends I’ve gained. I wish the KF unending success in the days to come. KF forever!