Event Review

  • 2016 Workshops for Korea-Related Educators

    In September and October, a short workshop was held in Korea for educators from Oceania and Thailand. A total of 96 secondary-level educators from Australia, New Zealand, and Thailand visited...

  • Second KF Korea Workshop

    On October 7–8, the KF conducted the second Korea Workshop at the Goseong DMZ area, under the theme “Thinking of Unification at the Site of Division.” The workshop comprised lectures...

  • Feature

    Be Our Guest: Hanok Guesthouses
    welcome visitors from home and abroad

    One of the great joys and respites of travel is curling up for a good night’s sleep after a long day exploring. For a long time, hotels and motels have been the preferred places for many travelers...

  • Interview

    Interview with Mr. Anthony Chaumuzeau, Counselor (Culture, Education, and Science) of the French Embassy in Korea and Director of the French Institute, Seoul

    For this month’s issue, the KF visited the French Institute in Seoul to speak with Anthony Chaumuzeau who is not only the Director of the French Institute but also the Counsellor (Culture, Education..

  • KF Mailbox

    KF Library Internship

    I am currently responsible for selecting and ordering the titles to be purchased by Langson Library at the University of California, Irvine. I am also learning the duties of the library information desk...

  • Upcoming Publications

    Publication of 2016 Global Hallyu

    KF is publishing 2016 Global Hallyu, a comprehensive report on the state of the global hallyu phenomenon today and recent developments. Published annually since 2012, the report includes...


  • Thomas Homeless Shelter: Soup Kitchen Volunteering with Kyohongi

    KFVN Reporter Kim Hye-mi

    The KFVN Education and PublicityTeam recently served as volunteer help at the Thomas Homeless Shelter soup kitchen nearby Yeongdeungpo Station. The team organizes regular orientation...

  • Self-Discovery through Meditation and Healing

    KFVN Reporter Oh Joo-young

    During the last weekend of October, as autumn approached its climax, the Korean Culture Class team headed to Geumseonsa Temple at Mt. Bukhansan for an overnight Temple Stay...