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Anna Tohobytska’s Day in the Joseon Era

In September, Anna Tohobytska, who is studying the Korean language at a university in Korea, participated in the KFVN’s Yongin Folk Village program, together with the Korean Culture Class team. This native of Ukraine shared her thoughts about the experience as follows.

KFVN: What was your most memorable experience today?

Anna: The pottery-making session was incredibly rewarding. Thanks to the friendly instructions of the guide, I was able to make something that looks nice. (Laughs!)

KFVN: Did you know about the Yongin Folk Village before this visit?

Anna: I’d seen it in a TV series once before, but I have never visited here.

KFVN: You just finished a physiognomy session. What did you think about it?

Anna: It was very interesting. The physiognomical findings were actually similar to my actual personality, which is fascinating. It’s amazing to think that this practice is so old.

KFVN: What are your overall impressions of today’s event?

Anna: Not only was it a good time, but I learned a lot about Korean culture, which was rewarding. Thanks to events like this, foreigners like me can learn more about Korea.

KFVN: Is there anything else that you would like to mention?

Anna: I’d like to thank the Korean Culture Class Team for taking such good care of us, from beginning to end. But I wonder if I would get the same diagnosis if I visited another physiognomist? (Laughs!)

KFVN Reporter Lee Hyung-ju