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  • [Review] 21st Korea-China Forum for the Future

[Review] 21st Korea-China Forum for the Future

On July 1, the KF and the Chinese People’s Institute of Foreign Affairs (CPIFA) co-hosted the 21st Korea-China Future Forum. The forum provided a venue to facilitate in-depth discussion of the following topics: The current state of Korea-China relations and tasks to be done, The G20 power structure and Korea-China economic cooperation, The political influence of the Korean Peninsula and its changes.
  The delegation from Korea comprised notable representatives of the political, academic, and media sectors, including KF President Sihyung Lee; National Assembly Member Hong Ihk Pyo; former Minister of Foreign Affairs Yoon Young-kwan; G20 Sherpa and Ambassador for International Economic Affairs Lee Hye Min; Korean Consulate General in Shanghai Han Suk-hee; Moon Heungho, Dean of the Graduate School of International Studies at Hanyang University; Choi Hyung Kyu, a Senior Reporter at JoongAng Ilbo; Professor Lee Dong Ryul of Dongduk Women’s University; and Jee Mansoo, Research Fellow at the Korean Institute of Finance. The representatives of China included such leading figures as Zhao Qizheng, Advisor to the CPIFA and former Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference; Zhang Tingyan, first Chinese Ambassador to Korea; Peng Keyu, Vice President of the CPIFA; Chen Dongxiao, President of the Shanghai Institute for International Affairs (SIIA); and Bi Jiyao, Director of the Institute for International Economic Research, National Development and Reform Commission.