Event Review

  • KF Next-Generation Policy Experts Alumni Dialogue 2016

    On July 26, the KF hosted the KF Next-Generation Policy Experts Alumni Dialogue 2016, involving more...

  • 21st Korea-China Forum
    for the Future

    On July 1, the KF and the Chinese People’s Institute of Foreign Affairs (CPIFA) co-hosted the 21st Korea...

  • Launch Ceremony for Fifth KFGF Group

    On August 5, 2016, as one of its public diplomacy initiatives, the KF hosted a launch ceremony for its fifth group of...


    Cheonggyecheon Music Festival

    10.1-3 / 3:30P.M.&7:30P.M.
    Cheonggyecheon hanbit park / Mirae Asset Center1
    Everyone is welcome to attend for free!(No reservation required)

  • Interview

    Interview of Nishino Junya, Director of the Center for Contemporary Korea Studies at Keio University

    For this issue, the KF met with Dr. Nishino Junya, the newly appointed Director of the Center for Contemporary Korea Studies at Keio University, one of Japan’s most prestigious private universities...

KF Mailbox

  • KF Museum Internship

    Yun Hye-jeong

    For the past two months at the museum I have been swamped with research and analytical work assignments. The Victoria and Albert Museum fastidiously maintains its internal collection and is...

  • KF Korean Language Education Internship

    Kim Gyeong-ah

    After students had completed their final exams, and left for vacation, I stuck around to conduct a workshop for the instructors of the Korean Department of the College of Foreign Languages...


  • Cooling Off with Donggang River Rafting

    KFVN Reporter Choi Jin-woo

    Amid the sweltering heat of July, the KFVN’s Korean Culture Class headed to the Donggang River, one of Korea’s most popular rafting sites, to cool off, if only temporarily. Boasting clear waters and...

  • Introduction to Germany and
    Sweden in Eunpyeong-gu

    KFVN Reporter Kim Hyung-mook

    On July 16, the KF’s World Activity Class made their way to the Eungwang Children’s Center in Eunpyeong-gu for another installment of the...