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  • [Review] Thoughts on the KF Korea-Vietnam Joint Community Art Project Murals and Three Weeks I’ll Remember Forever

[Review] Thoughts on the KF Korea-Vietnam Joint Community Art Project
Murals and Three Weeks I’ll Remember Forever

My name is Hai Ho Dac. I currently live in Danang with my family. I am now in my third year of study at Danang University of Foreign Languages, studying the Korean language. It was an honor to partake in the KF’s Korea-Vietnam joint community art project, and I was most pleased for the chance to make new friends. At first, things were a little awkward between everyone, but as we worked together and talked to each other, we easily became friends. I was incredibly moved when our Korean friends handed out medicine and aid to any Vietnamese volunteers who were not feeling well, and that is why I want to take this chance to thank our friends from Korea.
  June in Vietnam is incredibly hot, but everyone worked hard to complete the village murals. When we first arrived at the small fishing village, its simplicity seemed to perfectly reflect the locals’ humble lives. However, thanks to contributions from the Korean artists, the village has been reborn. For three weeks straight, we cleaned and painted houses. It was hard work, but thanks to the care and support of the locals, we finished everything with no major problems. Whenever our strength faded, they brought us fruit and drinks, and these simple gestures of kindness seemed to dispel our fatigue. Seeing the smiles of the residents after we’d painted their houses made it all worth the effort. We had arrived there to make it the most beautiful village in Vietnam, but it was also to put those smiles on the faces of the local residents. Despite the busy schedule and lack of time, we still managed to join our Korean friends to visit various cultural sites and create priceless memories. Talking and laughing with them made us forget all about our tired bodies.
  The project did more than bring a group of strangers together for three weeks to effect the cultural transformation of a small village. It also provided us with beautiful moments to share and memories we’ll never forget. I truly believe that the people of Tam Ky will forever remember our laughter and our moments of working together with them. I also hope that our Korean friends won’t forget us. I hope we can continue our friendships for many more years to come.

Hai Ho Dac, third-year student, Korean Language Department, Danang University of Foreign Languages