Event Review

  • Korea-Vietnam Cooperative Art Exchange Project Vietnam’s First Korean-Style Mural Village

    From June 7–28, the KF conducted its “Art for a Better Community” program, which uses Korea’s mural villages as...

  • Third Annual Meeting of the Global Public Diplomacy Network Assembly

    Hosted by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, the Global Public Diplomacy Network’s (GPDNet) annual..

  • Korean Literature Workshop for Overseas Doctoral Students

    On the occasion of the Korea Foundation’s 25th anniversary this year, the KF conducted the first-ever...

  • Interview

    Interview of Ambassador for Public
    Diplomacy Cho Hyun-dong

    For this month’s column, we sat down with Cho Hyun-dong, who was appointed as Korea’s Ambassador for Public Diplomacy in March this year. At a time when public diplomacy is becoming...

  • Feature

    Korea's Eclectic Music Festivals

    In the Korea of 15­ or even six years ago, the very words “music festival” were rarely heard, but now dozens of festivals are held nationwide every year. Music at these fervent festivals varies...

  • KF Mailbox


    KF Library Internship

    Lee You Kyoung

    Although some students take courses during the summer and spring, most of them choose to enjoy their break time away from school, making the campus a quiet place. I’d heard about...

  • A Letter of Gratitude


    Prof. Tinatin Karosanidze, Dean of the Institute of Asia and Africa, Free University of Tbilisi, Shares His Thoughts on the KF Invitation Program for Distinguished Guests in Academia

    First of all, let me thank once again the Korean Embassy in Georgia and the Korea Foundation for giving me such a great opportunity to explore Korea...


  • 뉴스1

    Summer Blast for Kids: Exploring
    Germany, Morocco, Uzbekistan

    KFVN Reporter Choi Jin-woo

    To escape the smoldering heat of June, we joined our international volunteers from Germany, Morocco, and Uzbekistan to take the kids of Aehyang Children’s Center on another global tour of the...

  • 뉴스2

    Mandy’s Five Reasons for Going
    to the Ganghwa-do Mud Festival

    KFVN Reporter Kim Kang-hee

    In June, Mandy Ho accompanied the KFVN’s Korean Culture Class Team on her first visit to the Ganghwa-do Mud Festival. Accompanied by four of her friends, Mandy couldn’t stop smiling...