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Seventh Awesome Volunteer Award

The KFVN Awesome Volunteer Award is our way of thanking volunteers for their dedicated efforts. The winners of the seventh Awesome Volunteer Award are a husband-and-wife team, Amit Jeed and Sai Deeksha, making them the first international recipients to be so honored. By helping out in every event while displaying active leadership, these two lovebirds are both envied and admired by their fellow volunteers. Sai Deeksha, who is now in her fourth year as a supportive member of the team, offered a few words about the award. “Thank you for choosing us for the Awesome Volunteer Award. Working at the KFVN revitalizes me in a way that my job cannot. That’s because I personally set out to enjoy every moment. I’ve also met a lot of people in Korea, which has been great. To be able to set aside time for volunteer work is already its own reward, and I hope to work with more Korean and international volunteers in the future.”

KFVN Reporter Kim Hyemi