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[Review] KF Promotional Poster Contest

The 10-week contest to design the KF’s promotional poster concluded with an award ceremony on June 3, closing a remarkably successful effort. Launched to celebrate the KF’s anniversary and to promote the Foundation in a way that helps it to bond with the Korean public, the contest went on for six weeks, during which 113 pieces were submitted by 88 teams of artists. Exhibiting the talent of professional designers, the submissions evoked exclamations of praise from the KF. To select the works that best conveyed the Foundation’s image, a panel of external evaluators was formed. After a two-phase screening process, the panel selected 13 final works (see the photos of the selected works below).
  It was a chance to witness the vibrant creativity and talent of Korea’s youth. “Exchange with All Corners of the World,” the grand prize winner, incorporated vibrant and friendly images, was praised for adopting current design trends.
  We thank everyone who participated in the contest, and offer our sincere congratulations to the winners.

Grand Prize Finalists
Exchange with All Corners of the World Let’s Go Together! The KF and Korea Together
Honorable Mention
The KF, On Air Around the World This Is Our Country The KF: Meeting Point for the World Fly High Korea Taste and Enjoy Korea with the KF
The KF Around the World So Korea Can Shine and Prosper Korea Is Your Friend Korea, Loved by the World Joining Hands