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  • [Review] 2016 KF Special Lectures on Korea: Kazakhstan-Korea Relations

[Review] 2016 KF Special Lectures on Korea: Kazakhstan-Korea Relations

On April 26-29, the KF presented 2016 KF Special Lectures on Korea at three universities and a related institution in Kazakhstan.
  The 2016 KF Special Lectures on Korea program opened on April 26 at the Academy of Public Administration, under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and Nazarbayev University in Astana, and then continued at the Kazakh Ablai Khan University of International Relations and World Languages in Almaty (April 28), and Al-Farabi Kazakh National University (April 29). The lectures attracted over 300 university students and faculty, who reflected the growing interest in Korea there.
  Based on a theme of “Evolution of Korean Industrial Policy behind Korea’s Economic Success: Implications for Kazakhstan,” Professor Seo Jung-soo of Keimyung University encouraged Kazakhstan to learn from Korea’s successful economic development. This was followed by a lecture on “Understanding Korea’s 20th Century Popular Culture,” in which Professor Kim Young-hoon of Ewha Womans University examined the Korean Wave pop culture phenomenon through a conceptual approach.
  Since its launch in 2004, the KF Special Lectures on Korea program has helped to broaden the global community’s interest in Korea through a better understanding of various aspects behind Korea’s recent development. In particular, to realize the objectives of the Eurasian Initiative, KF has conducted annual lecture programs in Kazakhstan since 2014. The KF Special Lectures are an effective means to provide a better understanding of today’s Korea and to further develop and advance the burgeoning bilateral relationship between Korea and Kazakhstan.